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  • maiermercantile

What's the deal with the used boxes?

I admit it. I'm a little fanatical about reusing stuff. My everyday drinking glasses are made from old bottles and I'll patch my denim jeans until there aren't enough threads to tie back together. My love of reusing stuff isn't just about being eco-friendly (although that's part of it); for me it's about being creative. It's one of my favorite subjects to search on Pinterest!

When I created my handbag business, I decided to use repurposed leather belts for the straps and use leather remnants from a furniture company. I also make bags out of old flour sacks, canvas tents and anything else I can get my hands on!

When I ship a bag to you, it usually comes in a box that I've reused, along with padding from a whole bunch of sources. The box you receive might have a logo from another company or a bit of Amazon tape that I can't remove. In some cases, I need to cover a few stickers from the boxes first journey and sometimes I use vintage playing cards.

Thank you so much for allowing me to use my creativity every time I ship a package.