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A jewelry designer by trade since 2006, I launched the 651 Vintage leather goods line in 2014, using high quality designer leather and incorporating vintage leather trims and closures. Along with totes, my line also includes useful wallets, key chains and cord organizers to help other graduated girl scouts live by their motto. My 2017 line adds whimsical pieces like vintage concho belts, hidden flask belt buckles and fringed messenger bags. I also like to be prepared to have a little fun.

Why did I start making bags?

I was a girl scout. ‘Always be prepared’ was my childhood motto and I continue to live it out in my daily life. I leave the house with tissues, many pens, water bottles, snacks...an endless list. Hauling these necessities presented a challenge. Constantly switching bags and arriving at a destination without my first aid kit was becoming a daily occurrence. Feeling frustrated, I began making large carry-all totes to corral my essentials while maintaining a polished and professional look.